Dear Sierra Leoneans,

It is about time we Sierra Leoneans took our development aspirations into our own hands.

If we continue to depend on foreign donors, development partners and government, we will remain at the bottom of the human development statistics published regulary by the United Nations.

Unless and until we develop a vibrant private sector through business ventures, owned and operated by patriotic Sierra Leoneans, unemployment will continue to increase and the quality of life of most Sierra Leoneans will detiorate at an alarming rate.

Aganist this backdrop, the idea of raising funds through the share participation of indigenous and patriotic Sierra Leoneans, was born for setting up private sector companies to be involved in viable business ventures with the development of our nation as the main focus.

Sierra Leone is ours, we should work assiduously to develop it, so that we can all enjoy the basic human right of a reasonable quality of life for all Sierra Leoneans.

Abu Bakarr Karim