International Airline

The need to operate a reliable, better, and inexpensive airline owned by the people of Sierra Leone is greater today than ever. There is at the moment no competition to the foreign-owned Airlines that flies to Sierra Leone.  Because of the lack of competition on the route, these foreign carriers have determined that Sierra Leoneans will have to pay higher fares with very minimal to poor service. Customer Service is poor and there is lack of respect for the people of Sierra Leone by these operators. Their motives seem only to exploit rather than bring any development or investment to our country.

The Aim of this project is to give Sierra Leoneans the opportunity to own, manage and invest in themselves and their country by owning their own airline.  The concept is simple, if we encourage few patriotic Sierra Leoneans to float a company to act as an Independent Airline Provider (IAP) that will sell shares to Sierra Leoneans; at home and abroad, mining companies, banks, commercial houses and institutions.

The Airline will be incorporated in Sierra Leone and will seek to obtain an Air Operatorís Certificate (AOC).The AOC will request for the operation of the smallest aircrafts (props) up to larger aircrafts including a 767/300. 

The Airline will seek to operate within the West Coast Region, and will expand operations to include Europe and North American routes.

An ACMI or a Wet Lease will be negotiated for the maximum number of hours possible for a profitable operation.  The Leasor of the aircraft must own their own fleet to be able to cope with emergencies.