Needs of the Country

Following years of civil war during which much of the country´s basis infrastructures suffered damage and neglect. As a result the need for reconstruction/rehabilitation of roads, water, power, hospitals and housing is enormous.

Approximately 4,500 miles of roads need to be constructed, while more than 350,000 homes are required just to return to the level of housing that existed before the civil conflict.

This is particularly the case in rural areas from whence large numbers of the population migrated to the capital Freetown during the war years. Indeed a key component in the Sierra Leone Government´s National recovery Strategy is the rebuilding and resettlement of local communities.

The country will be relaint upon aid for the implementation of many of its reconstruction programmes. Indeed there are some 60 aid agencies present in Sierra Leone at the present time. The most important of these in terms of funding construction projects are the EU, the Word Bank, the African Development Bank and the Kuwait Fund.

Most construction material are imported and although there are no apparent shortage at present it remains to be seen what effect any significant increase in construction activity will bring. Human resources are plentiful but these are largely unskilled as many skilled workers fled the country during the war years. It is possible that employment opportunities with foreign contractors in Sierra Leone might attract such workers to return.

There is the opportunity to establish a local or regional business, possibly in joint venture with an establsihed, local partner and pursue smaller aid funded and locally financed projects and use this business as a support platform for major projects.

Looking at smaller projects a number of opportunities are arising in the healthcare, penal, mining and housing sectors and which are funded by the aid agencies. Also the mortgage sector is undeveloped and has a great potential for investment in a real estate company.