The Company Idea

The idea to set up an investment company for the development of feasible commerical projects in Sierra Leone and the Subregion was born following the recent investment conference in Freetown in March 2006.

It was shown on the Diaspora-Forum that many Sierra Leoneans in foreign countries are strongly supporting their families at home; but this has only a small influence on the economic development of the country. We believe there is dire need to channel a part of this money and additional investment through a professional body for real investment in projects and companies in the country.

A study done by the Diaspora-Organisation showed that approx. 80% of the Sierra-Leoneans is the Diaspora are willing to invest between 50 to 100 US$ monthly to support investments in Sierra Leone. With approx. 1 Mio. Sierra Leoneans abroad we can raise a significant amount that will allow the company ease to enter into additional loans from international banks to get capital for many projects.

With the assistance of international experts and after some project evaluation we are able to invest in feasible and profitable projects in the country for the benefit of the people and the investors.